Sunday, September 18, 2005

Back to Middle Earth...

hello to you all, failte!

Thanks to those of you who have kept in touch - lovely to be back near a computer and read of whats been going on while I explore the lands of Scotland

Wowo! Well I started in Edinburgh, what a cool city - I think I could even live there! Spent a day touristing it - lovely museum - really cool Celtic history in there. Caught up with two of my oldest friends which was also very cool - nice to be able to sit with a couple of kiwis and not have to explain every little colloquilism and bitch about the cost of things in the UK heheh

So, on to Glasgow for a Druid conference which I spoke at - was very interesting and nice to present some thoughts about druidry in Aotearoa. Then up to Iona - sacred Isle - wow!

Back to Edinburgh and then up to the Kingdom of Fife to spend time with a friend in Cupar which coincidently (do we still believe in those?), is the place some of my ancestors come from....then hired a car and did the highlands - up to Inverness, saw Colloden (ouch), down to Fort William for a night - over to Glencoe - wow amazing scenery - sad history - then over to the Isle of Skye for two nights - wow amazing wowo wowowo - then across from Inverness to Aberdeen doing the Pictish trail - got to see some amazing stone circles, standing stones and pictish art and a really cool places called Archeolink check it out. night in Aberdeen then back to Edinburgh to spend a couple of days with more friends and explore the Chapel of the Knights Templar at Rosswell and the Glen there and this amazing cave!! then down to Birmingham and here I am in a lovely village out of there on this lovely land

The adventures continues as we draw towards Equinox....

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Well I got to camp on the 25th July to a big, but welcoming field with one Yurt set up. Over that week the crew set up another Yurt, a Sunlodge Teepee, a bender - Wellbing, Gate, A huge kitchen/cafe and all the other facilities which make Camp so enchanted and wonderful.

I flew across the planet for this experience - and here it was! Home, tribe. There are no words to express the deep sense of belonging I felt there in the camp. Home, tribe. Any of you in OBOD that are wondering about camp - I strongly encourage you to go to one - its a life changing experience!

Finally emerged from camp on the 11th August, spent another week in Somerset and then followed the tribe across to South Wales for a week - then up to Scotland the brave!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


I am having a sensational time here in West Devon, staying in a lovely little village called Exbourne. We have spent a day back down in Cornwall at Boscastle and Tintagel which was wonderful.

Today we have walked the Moors - stunning place and found an ancient Bronze Age Village with Stone Rows and Circles and Huts and Standing Stones and oh wow its so beautiful and think of people living here over 3000 years ago! I have taken some photos but on a normal camera so they won't be up for a while - but you can look here

I feel truly honoured to be treated so kindly by the lovely people who have opened their homes to me, and shared their sacred places. The moon and stars look lovely from here tonight - even if they are round the wrong way and upside down hahahaaha

So many thanks to you who have emailed me and txt-ed me - its really nice to get a little voice from home and from friends and family. I can't always reply as my time near a computer is limited but I do so appreciate them and read every word. From here Im going somewhere, not sure yet but will work all that out tomorrow and then on the 25th its off to Druid Camp for me! Im so excited about it and also spending my first ever Northern Hemisphere Birthday on the 3rd of August, in the middle of a bunch of Druids - that will be a riot no doubt!

The weather down here has been stunning- I rekon about 24-26 degrees each day but you can hang out all day in the sun and not burn! I am loving it.

I spent a week down in Kernow or Cornwall a couple of weeks ago too and that was amazing!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Unikorn's Big Crystal Factory Adventure!

Hi again folks! Well, I'm back in not-so-sunny North Devon again, enjoying just adventuring around the local area.

Jumped on a bus the other day and managed to find myself to Dartington Crystal...

You can walk all around the factory, high up on a walkway and watch the whole process as they heat, turn, blow, turn, cool, work the glass into these fine pieces of art! Fantastic day out!

Well, we have been battered by storms the last couple of day which is limiting my adventuring slightly - don't really enjoy getting drenched through to the skin...reminds me of home tho :) Well, thats it from the home of Devonshire Teas *waves*

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hello everyone! Now I am down here in Chard, which is a little village about 10km from Lyme Regis - on the South coast of these Isles.

I had a wonderful time in Ilfracombe and will be returning there later this week to explore the Exmoor - there are several neolithic sites on those moors which kept this part of the isles safe from many invaders. While there we took a boat out to Lundy Island what a stunning place! It has been inhabited since about the Stone Ages, and there are Iron age remains of huts and stuff there - wonderful! Us Kiwis are used to space and wild places, but over there I could truly be alone like home!

Yesterday I returned to Glastonbury which is always wonderful and I hope to go there again. We went to Chalice Well and that was a lovely way to spend hours in peace and tranquility of ages and ages beyond beginning of memory. That night we sat above where the well is in a meadow and watched a brilliant concert by Dahm the Bard and Dragonsfly. We wove this Solstice in and truly the lands of Albion resonate with age and mystery!

So happy solstice as the sun turns, for us here towards the winter months, and for you in the South, happy times to come out of your Winter gloom!

Blessings and love from the British Isles

Monday, June 13, 2005

Bright Greetings from Ilfracombe

Hello my friends and family!

Here I am in beautiful North Devon, in this lovely town called Ilfracombe. Arrived yesterday after a wonderful weekend in Glastonbury. I met up with some poeple I have talked with over the internet for the last year or so, and met many wonderful people at our Summer Gathering. We spent some time on Glastonbury Tor and also I got up for dawn in Stonehenge, we had private access. Was a truly wonderful experience!

Now I am down in this part of the British Isles until late July and am very looking forward to both the ancient aspects of this land and also the land of some of my ancestors!

Thanks to many of you for lovely emails - sometimes I cannot check them for a week or so but I am trying my best to keep in touch :)


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Lewes, Sussex

I am currently in the South of England, in a part of Sussex called Lewes. Its really lovely here and the people are all so lovely to me.

One day I went to the Lewes Castle and climbed up into the keep - that was really challenging for me but I did it! You could see all the way across the skyline was wonderful. Yesterday I walked around to this man made hill - actually the keep is built on one too, and there used to be lots in this area - the name Lewes is dirived from 'sacred hill'. however most of them are gone - there are only 3 left now. So i climbed this wonderful hill/mount/mound and it was really lovely and peaceful up there, facing the cliffs, the castle was on my left. Nice place to sit and eat my lunch!

Now I am off to the Long Man

to pay a visit and perhaps have lunch in the local pub - its a stunning hot sunny day here and all is well