Thursday, April 21, 2005

Got my tickets

Well, they are electronic, but officially picked up the stuff from the travel agent dude. Thanks travel-agent dude, you helped me make this dream come true.

Update - going to Stonehenge for Dawn Ceremony - we have 200 places through English Heritage yay! That will be the Dawn of Sunday, 12th June. How exciting! Although Stonehenge isn't the most important or significal stone circle for me, still it will be a rare blessing to gather with other Druids and welcome a new day.

Not long now! Very exciting stuff - still have to find a day pack 20L or so, but something will come up. Still not 100% sure what to do about shoes - went walking along the beach today at BackBeach - boy was that wonderful! - wearing my docs and clambering about cliffs I was thinking - might be a good idea to have decent tramp/walk/stomp shoes apart from my docs....*sigh* shoes is an issue! I can see why people settle for just one pair of good walking shoes! Will go have a hunt around tomorrow.

Friday, April 01, 2005


So I think I have everything I need now. Still not sure what to do about my sleeping bag but apart from that I have:

Knife and fork set
Travel towel
Money/stuff pouch
First Aid Kit
Plate/bowl/cup set - indestructable
Spare battery for phone
Address book

What else will I need ;)

Revised travel plans

Well I'm not going to Perth now so the new plan is fly direct from Auckland to Hong Kong, then onto another plane straight to Heathrow!!

Plan to spend a few days with my dear friend Ursafire on the way out of the country - gotta have someone to wave me goodbye at the airport! And now my friend from Oxford tells me he is going to be able to meet me at the airport after all so yay!!

I get into Heathrow on the 30th May - getting pretty close now! My last day of work is Friday 13th May - thought that was appropriate :)

So many wonderful members of our order have offered me a place to stay and show me around their sacred sites - I am so excited :)