Sunday, May 22, 2005

Poetry Book

Well I got my poetry book printed and its available for sale if anyone is interested - please check out the website I created

8 More sleeps

Thats tonight, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and then its Monday the 30th and Im off!! wohoooooo

Had a wicked party Friday night - people gave me precious gifts - I was so touched. Have a lovely shell to wear around my neck and a beautiful hand made diary to keep notes in - thanks guys.

Well exciting this is, my friend will be here from tomorrow and that means one last night at the Celtic wohooo get to take my pic of my name on the Guinness 100pint club!!

Well, prolly another sleepness night for me as the moon turns towards full

Love and light!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Happy Samhuinn

Well folks its Samhuinn here. Traditionally this is where the Celts would honour 3 days and nights of chaos, throwing open the animal enclosures and the concept of 'order' The veil between the worlds is thin, and you don't know who or what is walking amongst you, leading of course to traditions of dressing up at this time, and also of playing tricks on each other - as the Fae were want to do. Here we find traditions such as 'Fool/King for the Day', Trick o Treat, and Halloween (in the Northern Hemisphere). This is a time of great respect for the Ancestors, and for all those who have passed.

This year I could not make the celebrations down at Pukerua Bay, or Ashhurst, so I stayed here in Taranaki. We went down to the land and planted 9 trees for the Goddess, including one Pohutakawa for the Ancestors. Felt so good to be connected with the land, standing and gazing across the majesty of this place, to the ocean. We have some wonderful little groves and ponds scattered about - its going to be a magnificent place to live!

Well, pretty much 4 weeks to go until I jump on that plane up to Hamilton to spend some time with my dear friend UrsaFire, and then head out on the 30th May!

Started packing my pack for real tonight. I don't have a lot left to go in...just shoes, pants and some tops that I am still wearing - will wait until I finish work on the 13th (yes thats Friday the 13th Mwahahahaahah) and then do a wash and stick them in.

Well, anxiety level is pretty OK - talk to you all soon!

love and light