Monday, June 13, 2005

Bright Greetings from Ilfracombe

Hello my friends and family!

Here I am in beautiful North Devon, in this lovely town called Ilfracombe. Arrived yesterday after a wonderful weekend in Glastonbury. I met up with some poeple I have talked with over the internet for the last year or so, and met many wonderful people at our Summer Gathering. We spent some time on Glastonbury Tor and also I got up for dawn in Stonehenge, we had private access. Was a truly wonderful experience!

Now I am down in this part of the British Isles until late July and am very looking forward to both the ancient aspects of this land and also the land of some of my ancestors!

Thanks to many of you for lovely emails - sometimes I cannot check them for a week or so but I am trying my best to keep in touch :)



Anonymous Siusaidh Ceanadach said...

Hello Unikorn,
Glad to hear that you are now in the UK, I wonder if you could please contact either me in Glasgow or Potia, my daughter? We both have things we need to talk to you about regarding you stay up here in Scotland!
You can contact me either via email on; or via phone on 0141.552.5926
If you have a mobile phone which is working here drop me a line with the number and I will phone you at a convenient time for you:-)
Bright Blessings,
Glasgow, Scotland.

12:36 pm  

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