Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bright Greetings from Oxford, UK!

Well hello there old chaps! I am writing to you from oxford. I arrived yesterday (Tuesday) and felt great - was a good trip over and I dont get jet lag yay!

My friend picked me up from the airport which was so neat and we decided to enjoy the fabulous English summers day and travel to the Uffington Chalk Horse and Waylander Smith - so touchdown UK and spent my first day amongst the true sacredness of this land.

Today dawned rainy and we headed into Oxford itself. Some wonderful stuff there like a big castle and parts of the University are pretty damn impressive. We sat down by the River Thames and had a proper English pint in a proper English pub heheh. We even got to sit next to a young chap who was celebrating the end of his Oxford exams - in full Suit, Tie hoorah!! hehehehe

Well, I am having a really wonderful time so far and it doesn't feel strange or scary to be here at all!


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