Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hello everyone! Now I am down here in Chard, which is a little village about 10km from Lyme Regis - on the South coast of these Isles.

I had a wonderful time in Ilfracombe and will be returning there later this week to explore the Exmoor http://www.visit-exmoor.info/index.htm - there are several neolithic sites on those moors which kept this part of the isles safe from many invaders. While there we took a boat out to Lundy Island http://www.lundyisland.co.uk/ what a stunning place! It has been inhabited since about the Stone Ages, and there are Iron age remains of huts and stuff there - wonderful! Us Kiwis are used to space and wild places, but over there I could truly be alone like home!

Yesterday I returned to Glastonbury which is always wonderful and I hope to go there again. We went to Chalice Well and that was a lovely way to spend hours in peace and tranquility of ages and ages beyond beginning of memory. That night we sat above where the well is in a meadow and watched a brilliant concert by Dahm the Bard and Dragonsfly. We wove this Solstice in and truly the lands of Albion resonate with age and mystery!

So happy solstice as the sun turns, for us here towards the winter months, and for you in the South, happy times to come out of your Winter gloom!

Blessings and love from the British Isles


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