Thursday, June 09, 2005

Lewes, Sussex

I am currently in the South of England, in a part of Sussex called Lewes. Its really lovely here and the people are all so lovely to me.

One day I went to the Lewes Castle and climbed up into the keep - that was really challenging for me but I did it! You could see all the way across the skyline was wonderful. Yesterday I walked around to this man made hill - actually the keep is built on one too, and there used to be lots in this area - the name Lewes is dirived from 'sacred hill'. however most of them are gone - there are only 3 left now. So i climbed this wonderful hill/mount/mound and it was really lovely and peaceful up there, facing the cliffs, the castle was on my left. Nice place to sit and eat my lunch!

Now I am off to the Long Man

to pay a visit and perhaps have lunch in the local pub - its a stunning hot sunny day here and all is well


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