Sunday, September 18, 2005

Back to Middle Earth...

hello to you all, failte!

Thanks to those of you who have kept in touch - lovely to be back near a computer and read of whats been going on while I explore the lands of Scotland

Wowo! Well I started in Edinburgh, what a cool city - I think I could even live there! Spent a day touristing it - lovely museum - really cool Celtic history in there. Caught up with two of my oldest friends which was also very cool - nice to be able to sit with a couple of kiwis and not have to explain every little colloquilism and bitch about the cost of things in the UK heheh

So, on to Glasgow for a Druid conference which I spoke at - was very interesting and nice to present some thoughts about druidry in Aotearoa. Then up to Iona - sacred Isle - wow!

Back to Edinburgh and then up to the Kingdom of Fife to spend time with a friend in Cupar which coincidently (do we still believe in those?), is the place some of my ancestors come from....then hired a car and did the highlands - up to Inverness, saw Colloden (ouch), down to Fort William for a night - over to Glencoe - wow amazing scenery - sad history - then over to the Isle of Skye for two nights - wow amazing wowo wowowo - then across from Inverness to Aberdeen doing the Pictish trail - got to see some amazing stone circles, standing stones and pictish art and a really cool places called Archeolink check it out. night in Aberdeen then back to Edinburgh to spend a couple of days with more friends and explore the Chapel of the Knights Templar at Rosswell and the Glen there and this amazing cave!! then down to Birmingham and here I am in a lovely village out of there on this lovely land

The adventures continues as we draw towards Equinox....